Ergodox Configurator - Massdrop
This tool generates the Teensy board firmware .hex file for controlling the ErgoDox (see instructions).
  • Left click a key in the configurator, then press any keyboard key to assign a key to that position
  • Right click a key in the configurator to assign keys by name
  • Download Current Layout (.hex) will compile your layout to a .hex file which you can load onto the ErgoDox
  • Share Layout will generate a link to your layout for sharing or collaboration
  • Defaults allow you to load preset key configurations
See Additional Information for more details. Special thanks to Ben Blazak's work which inspired this tool.
We're very excited to see what you'll come up with. Remember to share your layouts in the discussion!
before editing to save or download layouts.

Layer 0:

Layer 1:

Layer 2:

Layer 3:

Layer 4:

Layer 5:

Layer 6:

Layer 7:

Layer 8:

Layer 9:

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ErgoDox operates on a layer stack principle to determine which keys are sent. The top-most layer of the stack is the active layer, and in the initial (just plugged in) state, only Layer 0 is on the stack. Pushing a layer onto the stack will put that layer on the top of the stack, while popping a layer will remove that layer from the stack (no matter where it is, which makes it a little bit of a misnomer). Toggling a layer will temporarily push that layer onto the stack while the assigned key is pressed. These layer functions can be accessed through the right-click menu.
NOTE #1: Remember to provide the ability to pop a layer off the stack once you push it on top. Otherwise, you could get stuck on a layer and you will need to unplug/plug your keyboard to reset.
NOTE #2: A special Clear Layer Stack key is available that will empty the stack (setting Layer 0 as the active layer).

Transparent Keys

When pressed, these keys will move down the stack looking for a non-transparent key to send, hence the name. They cannot be assigned to Layer 0.

Teensy Bootloader

This is a special key that triggers the Teensy bootloader. This is equivalent to pushing the small button the Teensy board.

Stuck Keys/Unresponsive Keyboard

If a key becomes stuck or your keyboard becomes unresponsive, easiest fix is to unplug/plug your keyboard, and reprogram the Teensy with patched firmware.

Media Keys

Unfortunately, media keys are not working on Windows at this time. There are however, software solutions, and registry solutions for the brave, to overcome this limitation.

Shifted Keys

These are simply keys that normally require shifting to send.

Numpad Keys

These keys behave like normal numpad keys in that they are affected by the numlock state.